_RS_Adapitive-Subtitles | Version - 1.3.0

中文简介/Chinese Language



  • 自适应文本长度
  • 动画出现效果
  • 动画消失效果
  • 高度自定义

英文简介/English Language

What does this script do? The script is now almost complete
By calling a function with one parameter, the developer can display subtitles on the screen and automatically use TweenService to play animations (appear and disappear)
The script is almost finished, currently you can use the function by calling this function, different character length will change the X size of the frame, when there are multiple subtitles will be automatically sorted dynamically, will continue to update later

Script Feature:

  • Adapts to all text lengths
  • Animated appearance effect
  • Animated disappearing effect
  • Height customization

Made By Aidaren - 究极挨打人

QQ: 3026297142

微信: AidarenADR

Discord: Aidaren#5009

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